Songwriter Factory in Production

2011 was an amazing year for Songwriter Factory.  Among the day to day teachings and demo’s, two full length records were engineered, mixed and produced all within the doors of Songwriter Factory located in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  These celebrated singer/songwriters, Bianca Merkley and Alec Robert Samuel, are off touring the landscapes of the US and Europe.  Originally Songwriter Factory was founded on Songwriting Lessons in Brooklyn, Guitar Lessons in Brooklyn, as well as Voice Lessons in Brooklyn.   He teaches all levels of students to Sing, Play Guitar, and write songs.  From the beginning demo’s were being produced for many of the talents coming through the door as their skills and songs were refined.  To name a few, Alexa Cabellon of Little Anchor, Richard Duke of the Go Round, as well as Turkish pop singer/songwriter Ahmet Korukcu.   Songwriter Factory is a unique blend of learning to hone the instruments that make up an integral role in songwriting (guitar and voice) as well recording these precious gems of songs.  The studio has grown immensely in terms of gear since the beginning.  It’s a small studio, but the sounds and gear bear a beautiful blend of top of the line analogue and digital technology as well as a fine assortment of super cool microphones!  This is an exciting time for Randy Bergida and Songwriter Factory.  Come by and check things out for yourself!

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